Midtown Modern Floor Plans

Midtown Modern Site and Floor Plans by Guocoland Bugis MRT Station Tan Quee Lan Street Sizes and Configurations

Midtown Modern Layouts

There are a lot of things that people who are looking to buying a house should look into. For a better understanding of the whole house, it is better to view the property after completion and not before. Many property buyers are more concerned with the number of bedrooms and bathrooms of which are easily gathered from the house plan. However, if you are more knowledgeable you can understand many things from a simple plan. Please see the attached for Midtown Modern Site and Floor Plans for your consideration.

Proper ventilation and lots of natural light are the most critical things to many property buyers. There are two major types of windows, sliding windows and casement window. In a plan, sliding windows are shown by a thin hollow line and the casement windows are drawn similar to doors, and they come in pairs. Midtown Modern is located at Bugis and consist of different floor plans for your consideration.

The best way to know how the unit is done is by looking at the main door first. And how do you locate the main door? A quarter-circle indicates doors, and they also play a preeminent role to show you if rooms are connected. For example, in a case where there is a bathroom door opening towards the master bedroom, that should clearly show you that you have an en-suite master bedroom. It is also important to note the arc of the door. This is because if the door opens to the inside, that space will have to be left empty for the opening space.

There are two types of walls in a unit, and these are structural wall and non-structural walls. Non-structural walls are used to separate rooms while structural walls are the ones that hold the entire building to place. Thick bold lines mainly indicate structural walls while thin lines indicate the non-structural walls. There are many upcoming concepts like open-concept, and this knowledge is essential if you need to remove some walls. In most cases, the walls surrounding the walls are mostly structural ones.

Some plans come with some little numbers on the sides which are mostly in millimetres. These numbers should allow you to estimate the size of the rooms.

The floor plan also indicates the shape of each room and the most preferred shape is boxy. The boxy shape makes it easy to fit furniture compared to a plan with odd corners.

PES stands for Private Enclosed Space. This is the private outdoor area for the property. A PES could be either small or large. For people who like enjoying watching stars or chilling outside the house, a large PES is recommended.

A layout could have the main door open directly to the kitchen or one that opens direct to the living room. This depends on your lifestyle. For example, for a family that does a lot of shopping frequently would prefer a door opening directly to the kitchen. In contrast, a household that receives guests regularly will mostly prefer the main door opening directly into the living room. Another important aspect of the floor layout is room relation. For example, parents with young kids would prefer the master bedroom to be close to the kids’ room so that they can easily check on them.